Submissive Journal Prompts:

Submissive Journal Prompts:

Do u work outside the home? Does that affect ur dynamic? What do u do 2 define ur work mindset from ur submissive?

This #slave girl does work outside the home. #Master and i do not live together, although it is our goal. Probably not for another couple years. It is hard to manage, not just because we miss each other, but because neither of us can fully assume the role we wish to take in our relationship. We do the best we can, IMing daily, throughout the day, driving a good distance to see each other whenever possible, sometimes for just a few hours.

As far as my working affecting our dynamic, i’d say the most obvious is that its often very hard for me to put down the leadership/buddy role from work and assume the submissive/ slave role, both in person and in text. Often i just don’t catch myself falling out of, or ignoring all together, protocol. Master told me just last night that i had disappointed Him over the TG holidays, because in my text i had gone from low protocol to NO protocol. i was very upset about this, and managed to actually be disrespectful (again!) without realizing. Master is very gentle, understanding, and forgiving, and i keep being ungrateful. i simply do not think before i speak. And that’s very VERY bad. It’s not a matter of being blatantly rude or obnoxious, it’s about not remembering Who He Is. When we are apart, our relationship is expressed in text. And if i do not express my submissiveness and slave-heart via text, then i’m not living up to my end of the deal: to be obedient, which in great part is being respectful. i must always watch my capitalization’s, be sure i never give Him instructions (unless asked, of course), never tell Him no in a blunt way, never express my opinion aggressively, rudely, coarsely, or crudely. “Master”, “Daddy” or the like should always be included at least once in each text (this is not an official requirement from Master, but it is a method that reminds me of my place.)

This slave girl has no trouble assuming her leadership role at work; in fact, being submissive to Master has made being a leader at work easier! As for getting back into the slave/submissive mindset, i’ve begun meditating/praying, adapting slave prayers i’ve found online. i’m working hard on kneeling gracefully, and harder yet on getting back up 🙂 When we do get together at Master’s home, we have a ritual where i kneel in the entryway and beg to enter. That helps, but i think i need more, face to face and very much so when we are apart.  i’m considering doing things here at home as i would if He were here.

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