I’m A Bi-What?!?!?!?!

There’s something annoyingly wonderful about belonging to Someone Who knows tsg waaaaaaaaay better than she does herself.

Things happened very fast when tsg met the man who would become her Master. Really, really fast. Her expectations of herself went from being cautious to being in awe of Him, to recognizing her submissiveness and wanting desperately for Him to want Her in that way, to realizing that it went way beyond submissiveness into slavery. tsg wanted with all her heart to be His slave. she shared His values and beliefs and spirituality. she didn’t know all the details, but she did know the bottom line… she and everything she was and had, would be His. His to control or not, His to use or not, His to guide and develop or not.  All the decisions He chose to make were His, without question (well, the completely without question part came a little later 😉 ) she would do whatever He required WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF THEIR SHARED VALUES. (she did not know she would also have to BE whatever He required… not in play, not in a scene, but to really BE.) All was well in tsg’s world.

Until Master informed her that she was bisexual. tsg had not given her mind over to Master at this point, and was holding on to what little control she (thought she) had left. she balked at the notion, admitting that while she did appreciate a pretty girl, that didn’t mean anything at all.  Master pressed the issue, subtly as is His wont, encouraging her to talk about the girls at work and how they all flirted with each other, etc.  tsg admitted to having fun flirting, and even that she thought some of her first childhood crushes were on best girlfriends… but that just didn’t mean anything! tsg was straight, attracted to men (One in particular) and girls just didn’t do it for her. Oh sure, girls could be hot, of course they could. Girls are pretty to look at.  Doesn’t mean anything. Master kept working on tsg, gently, getting her to talk about other girls she’d known and felt… something… for.  Just girlfriends!  Platonic!

“Ugh, Master, You are SUCH a guy!”  tsg said that several times, thinking of how guys stereotypically like girl on girl action.  He would agree, and then remind tsg that she was bisexual.  Persistent, this Man is 🙂

tsg had, up to this point, regarded herself as sub, not slave. Oh, she used the term slave, but do you know what a slave with hard and soft limits who is willing to negotiate is called?  A sub!  tsg had just barely realized that if seeing her with another girl was going to make Him happy, then she would find it in herself to do it. It was a very new and foreign thought. she was playing with the idea that she could get used to it, she could learn to tolerate whatever it was she was going to have to do. Grin and bare it.

tsg had a profile on a dating site which she maintained (same place she first met Master) He checked her profile, daily, she thinks, until finally His patience wore out. tsg remembers Him giving her grief for still being listed as straight. she laughed it off and told Him to give a girl some time, she was just barely starting to wrap her head around the idea. (wow, tsg can’t imagine saying that now! yikes!) tsg doesn’t remember word for word what He said, but He made it clear that enough was enough. tsg DOES remember scrambling to change her orientation to bisexual at a hale and hearty pace   🙂

Was that the end of that? Mercy no.  Clicking a button on a website changed nothing in tsg mind.  she had already decided to do it for Him, even though she wasn’t feeling it, at all. (Still a sub, do you see?) she played along as best she could, as this part of it was still just a game to her, a fantasy for Him to indulge in.

Then came the 128 Basic Rules For A Slave.

tsg was instructed to read them, and be ready to discuss them.  Well, that was another trial for her and Master, probably deserving of a post all it’s own.  What came out of it was that if she really and truly wanted to be slave, then limits and negotiations and rules and contracts were meaningless. A slave does not negotiate or have limits. she may have likes and dislikes, and things she really wants to do and things she really hopes never happens, but IF SHE IS SLAVE, she has no veto. her opinion can be heard, if her Master wants to hear it, but all decisions are His. Totally. He has COMPLETE control. Total Power Exchange 365/24/7. If tsg did not agree to all the rules (and she definitely had problems with some of them), then she was not slave. Simple. tsg ended up agreeing, of her own free will, to turn her entire life over to her Master, that she would do and that she would be, willingly and enthusiastically, anything He required, without question. At that point, she actually became slave.

And, at that point, tsg started to truly become bisexual, or embrace the bisexuality that was already there.  she still doesn’t know which, and it doesn’t matter in the least. What matters is that now she wants to be, for Him, for herself. And besides, naked girls with pretty pussies make tsg HOT.  And WET.





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