Oh, The Irony

Tuesday, tsg had a grumpy, crabby day at work.  It started off fine, if one ignores how sore she was from the previous nights punishment. she was not in charge that day, but most of her usual team was working, and tsg feels rather possessive and proud of them.  But they were screwing up right and left.  tsg spent most of her day fixing problems that never should have happened. her boss asked her what had gotten into them, and she had no idea. tsg’s team is usually top notch, dependable, the type of team one can just let get to it, as they are trust worthy and honest. tsg actually checked for a full moon at one point, she was so bewildered. tsg actually had to leave her post, take one lady aside, and not only explain to her what she had done wrong, but then stand there and explain in great detail why it was NOT all right to treat a customer that way, and why it was NOT all right to just blow tsg off.

By the time tsg went on break, she was upset and angry… and tsg doesn’t get angry all that easily. So, as tsg is wont to do, she sat there, stewing and fussing, going over everything that had happened, breaking it down into violations (so she could format some training), all the while shifting very uncomfortably in her chair from her very sore butt.

Certain words started standing out in tsg’s mind: uncooperative; policy violations; unreasonable behavior, considering the job; dishonesty; disloyalty (tsg felt a little betrayed by her “A” team); back talk (no manager likes that!); inattention to detail…

And it hit tsg like a ton of bricks.  This must be what Master felt like Sunday and Monday. An idea of it, anyway. tsg is not quite as, shall we say, “involved” with her team as she is with Master. That “involvement” surely made it much, much worse.



And learning.

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