There may be no “I” in “team”, but there IS a “me” in “I”.

this slave girl got her cage rattled by Master the other day. (she does not know if it was intentional or not, but gives Him the benefit of doubt and says He intends everything) Master began talking of His future plans, saying “I am going to move to abc, and then I am going to do xyz” and so on, never mentioning poor little tsg.  she felt left out, not included, like she was going to be dismissed.  her only hope was to somehow prove her worth. Then Master made a sweeping statement, something like “Or I could just sell everything and do mnop.”   Master looks at tsg.  tsg looks at Master, probably with some pathetic look in her eyes. And Master says to tsg “slave, that is where you are suppose to say, Yes Master, we can sell everything and do mnop.”

(“We“? Master meant “we“?  He never said “we”…)   tsg breaks into a grin and says “Yes Master, we can sell everything and do mnop!”   This left tsg happy… confused, but happy.  It was not until she was driving home over a day later that BAM the obvious hit her… OF COURSE when Master says “I am going to do something” He is including tsg… He owns her, does He not? When a person does something, that person does it with their stuff… Or when a person moves away, that person takes their stuff, too.  When Master moves away from this place, He will take His stuff.  His belongings.  The things that He owns.  His prized possessions.  And tsg is most definitely one of His possessions. she belongs to Him.  He owns her.

So why not just saywe“, for heavens sake?  Well, why should He?  One says “I am going to the store” not “I am going to drive my car to the store. I will be wearing my clothes and my shoes and using my money.”  All those things are implied and assumed, by reasonable people anyway. (tsg admits she would not always be considered “reasonable people” happy ) Simply, a person uses and maintains possession of their belongings. this slave girl IS one of His belongings. Property. Owned. Pwned, even.


AND (must there always be an and?) making tsg think like this puts her firmly in her place, at Master’s feet, and keeps her there (for a while at least! tsg has an alarming tendency to turn feral when not leashed by Master’s physical presence). And at His feet is where she feels best, feels safest and happiest.


Pwned indeed.

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