A Typical Master/slave Conversation

A conversation about a new toy purchase ends in verbal worship…

s  this slave girl thinks she will have to let Daddy do the picking… can’t the other one You have be used in it? this girl has no idea about such things 🙂

M One seems a little small, the other too thick.  Need a long, not so thick.  We will go together.  I like it when you say daddy and master in the store.  😉

s  🙂   just made this slave girl think of the flogger demo You put on in the store… should go on tour 😉  Your little slave girl likes being able to acknowledge who You are 🙂

M  Oh, babygirl, we will go on tour.  With proper planning, we can do an east coast show.  Man will you ever be sore, inside and out.  cum drenched.

s Oh, Master, the plans You have for me…

M plans for your good and profit.  😉   tell me how much you want to have people watch me cum on your face?

s What has happened to the girl i used to know? The one who would shudder at such a suggestion, not breakout in goosebumps from head to toe?  The one who would have said just for you, not for anyone else to watch… instead of enduring a lightening bolt of adrenaline racing through her body? The girl who could picture such a thing only by agreeing to be forced, instead of the cum slut who sits here now, wondering when when when?

What has happened to the girl i used to know? The one who imagined such a display in her mind, her crouched and huddling, shamed and hiding…

Instead here sits a slave, who has let go of all that rot. What does this slave girl see?  she sees herself and Master as the center of attention, Him standing proudly with His whip in one hand, her braided hair in the other, she kneeling before Him, head up, shoulders back,  His cock deep in her mouth. she licks and sucks and kisses Him, His cock, His balls, whatever He will allow her to reach. her passion grows stronger and stronger, and her sucking and licking become more frantic, more needy, yes, she needs Him to cum, needs Him to cum… And just before He does, He lets go of her hair, pushes her back on her ass and cums all over her, her face, her hair, her neck, and she licks the drops as they collect on her lips, smiling, and proud to be His.

M Very nice.  Definitely quality blog material.  Such a good little cum slut.  🙂  good night sugar.  🙂

s 🙂 Good night, Daddy

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