Humble, Humility, Humiliation

Humble, Humility, Humiliation

Humble: Showing deferential or submissive respect
Humility: the state or quality of being humble; A quality by which a person considering his own defects has a humble opinion of himself and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God’s sake.
Humiliation: the abasement of pride, which creates or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission.

We tend to take words at their extreme or popular meanings, and forget their origins or subtleties. Thus, humiliation is often seen only as its extreme definition, that of debasement, which lowers a person to BELOW a human level. You might think that then such play as puppy or pony falls into debasement, but it does not, as long as it is done within acceptable realms (privately, BDSM events). To do so outside those limits, in the vanilla public, would go outside the guidelines of responsible, safe, and sane BDSM play, and indeed be degrading or debasement.
One interesting thing about humiliation, and perhaps why so many bottoms in the lifestyle look for it, is that one really can not inflict it upon oneself. A partner is required to “force” the humiliation. Certainly one could determine to do a humiliating thing on ones own, such as wearing a sign that says she is a very naughty girl out in public, but one must understand that as humans we have the ability to choose such actions as only we can manage. We can not ourselves choose to go beyond that line. No matter how humiliatingly we think we have chosen, if we are actually able to do it on our own, its still not crossing that line of acceptability. And to make matters worse, if we accomplish this task we’ve chosen, we will find pride in our accomplishment, which destroys that fragile state of humility.
That’s what the amazing Tops are for. They can observe what we find acceptable, and push beyond it.
Here is a very, very minor example that tsg recently experienced:
tsg has been accustomed to pretty much sitting anywhere she pleases in Master’s presence. He has never, until now, suggested otherwise. (The Man has the patience of a saint.) Sometime tsg would sit beside Him on the couch, or across from Him on the other couch, or, at her own whim, at His feet. (To be truthful, it always seemed a bit awkward to decide where to plant her bottom, as in the back of her mind she probably knew better, but, guess what? she did have some pride 😉 )
Yesterday, tsg bounded down the steps into the tv room, happy as a lark, and planted her rear next to Master on the couch. He gave her a few seconds to become aware of something that was different in the room, but she completely failed to notice the blanket on the floor next to the couch. Without preamble, He ordered her to to floor, head down, which in a slightly confused state she did. An unexpected spanking followed, with the admonishment to not sit on the couch without permission. When allowed up, tsg crawled to the blanket, wrapped her arms around Master’s leg, and put her head in His lap.
It was the most right feeling thing in the world. No awkwardness, no confusion. A peg down. In her place. she was not proud of her new understanding, but she was humbled and grateful that Master found her worthy to train.

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