Re-post on how to spank


There never seems to be enough basic information… so much is assumed common knowledge.  tsg liked this conversation because all the basics were covered… and because it made her really really REALLY want a bare-handed OTK



question:  we are new to this, I dont understand the question “what kind of spanking?” I do like all toys (floggers, canes, crops, hand of course) if that is what you are asking.

answer:  OK     That makes it a lot easier to answer.

To me spanking involves hands only, and surprisingly a lot of people do not get it, or don’t get the techniques down right. My favorite is OTK (Over The Knee) but there are many varieties.

The basics are to start slowly, and if you feel you are going too slow, slow down some more. Start slow, start light, and cover a large area instead of a single spot. As you get more into it, and the bottom is properly warmed up, starting going a bit harder, but also spank “past” the surface. Literally follow along your stroke.

At warm up it is good to do the surface slaps and rebound quickly, but once you get into it, follow through on the strokes, and sometimes it even works better if you follow the spank with a push and apply pressure to the spot you just hit. Again, build up slowly.

Another “fun” thing to do is to scratch the now red surface with your nail or other implement.

If you start slow, and build up slow, you will find you can take this way way further than if you would just start wailing away.

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