tsg is delighted to announce that as of New Years at midnight, she became the collared slave of Sir Steve!

she did not blog about it sooner because for one, it was sweet having this secret happiness bouncing around inside her, and two, she was getting sicker by the minute and didn’t realize it (illness and writing don’t go well)

this slave girl was tired, sick, and tipsy, so the details may not be in order, but this is essentially how it happened:

We had gone out, but the music wasn’t much to our liking. Too new, nothing a middle age couple wanted to dance to. He wanted slow and romantic. So we left at 11:45 and went to tsg’s house. she cranked up her love song collection from YouTube, and we danced, naked, in the kitchen. It was very, very sweet. tsg remembers feeling like a girl at a high school dance, all giddy and in love.

Girls, do you remember dancing with your boyfriend, when a special song would come on, and you hoped he would react to it as you did? Well, Master did, for several songs, and that just made tsg all the more teary. (He did question some of her choices lol but to be fair, she hadn’t been expecting anyone but herself to be listening to them.)

He decided that a little cock worship would be an excellent way to start the New Year. tsg could not have agreed more 🙂 He lead her to the bedroom, where she would be more comfortable kneeling on the carpet. tsg was in such a high state of emotion that when she knelt before Him, she hugged His legs and cried a bit, so happy and content. Feeling especially worshipful, she crawled right under Him, caressing His loins with her hair and her face. she felt in place, in joy, in peace.

Turning her head upward, she began worshiping this cock that she holds so dear. Master did not let it continue long, He had more in mind. He pulled back with a word of praise for her, then He said some things that were so very special and tender, about how amazing it is that God brought together these two people with very specific needs, and how what we each can offer, uniquely fills those needs.

And then He presented her with His collar (tears, both then and now). she was not expecting this, not in any way. she was sincerely speechless. Imagine being the happiest, most fulfilled you’ve ever been, and then imagine it being infinitely multiplied. she bowed her head, pulled aside her hair, and Master locked His collar in place.

this slave girl has never been more connected to another human, save her own child. Neither of her past marriages comes anywhere close. And some how, that bond, that connectedness, becomes stronger every time we are together. she feels that it couldn’t get better, but with Him, it always does.

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