Monday Part Tuesday

Good morning Tuesday…

No new orders thus far, not trusting that to last… Always rather wary…

Tortured self last night, probably pushed self further than required, but tsg is a freak like that… Mentally gets off on seeing how much she can take. Well, you know, Masochist and all. There were a couple of times tsg thought she might of went too far, but no, she was a good girl. Silly freak pushed herself to the very edge, eyes wide, arms and legs shuddering, gasping, panting…wanting to float away on that release, that release that never came. Tears threatened, but these were frowned upon last time, so she held them back as best she could. A few leaked out, but no sobbing, no release of tension.

Friday afternoon will not get here quick enough, she says realizing that no specific time frame has been established.

Hmmmm, if she pushed it, she COULD get there in the morning, before He left for work….hmmmm,.

No, can’t do that.




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