Got the (first set of) orders… No orgasms until tsg is in His presence and masturbating for Him. At the time, that was roughly 105-106 hours. Must continue to do all normal activities, such as crusing twitter for porn, being flirty with Master, and playing with herself. Last time she was on o restriction, there was no touching allowed. Now she has to. Not sure which is worse.

tsg has gone much, much longer than that in the past, but she was not turned on, either. she was pretty much turned OFF for really long stretches. Now she is a hot, wet, horny slut for Master ALL OF THE TIME.


Just needed to post this as tsg prepares to go to bed, where out of duty and honor (eye roll) she will do everything she normally does, which means she will break out her favorite toy, use it as usual, and then because, damn it, it makes her hot to do so, she will beg for release, only to be told, in her mind, NO, NOT YET by Master, a minimum of 5 times.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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