Maso Is As Maso Does

It’s that time of the month. We’ll pause now for a minute of celebration. [/sarcasm] Sometimes, aunt flo, or “the curse” as some folks over 50 call it, can really mess with the libido. Some times, the hormones can cause uber arousal, but most of the time, now in fact, they do the opposite. Really, at this moment in time, tsg couldn’t care less about sex. Naps, Ben and Jerrys Phish Phood Ice Cream, and chocolate cake frosted in buttercream and coated with ganache would satisfy her quite nicely (not getting any of them, for the record) Tampons have absorbed much of her natural juiciness, and having a backup pad pressed against her pussy for hours on end soaked up any remaining wetness. Dry as a tumbleweed in summer. At least her cervix hasn’t dropped this time, yet. Thank You Lord, that it hasn’t, would have made what just happened nearly impossible. And it was already hard enough.

So what just happened? A Master Moment, of course 🙂

tsg texted Him that she was at lunch, and later that she was off work. He asked her how many times today she had been off (alien-speak for cumming) she shocked Him with the news that she hadn’t at all, that she did do other things besides cruise porn and play with herself. (a sideways reference to when He told her she needed to get a hobby other than cruising and playing 🙂 ) He then gave her the order to go play with herself and cum. Location did not matter, she was to find a bathroom if she was out and about… but she was home. So with a bemused smirk she went off in search of her favorite toy. she grabbed it and the lube (dry as a tumbleweed in summer) found a comfy chair, and started playing.

There was a brief, oh thats nice, feeling, but mentally, she just wasn’t into it. she was tired, she had just titled a blog she wanted to write, she wanted to get on the Wii and work out a bit, she was thirsty, and mostly, she just wasn’t turned on. The sex kitten buzz that usually made her pussy quiver all day was gone. None of the touching found the nerve that went from pussy to brain. she switched to a vibrating toy, and positioned it so one end was vibrating in her cunt, the other right on top of where her clit usually lived, except that today it seemed to be on vacation. tsg swears it seems to simply disappear sometimes. The vibrator, while feeling nice enough, wasn’t doing it. At all.

Next she pulled up a picture of Master, looking for divine intervention, if you will. Hmmm, what would He do? Pull on the nipples, pinch and squeeze them, yes…. suck on them, yes, tsg can do that, too… and it was just nice. The thing that turned her on the most, was thinking of His reaction to her sucking on those nipples herself 😉 So, then, if that sparked a little something, what else would? Well, a hairbrush was in reach, so tsg used it on her rear, trying to make a little something something happen. It did, a little… tsg doesn’t think she can hit her ass hard enough to take her over. But it did get something started. So she went back to the purple toy, and with a lot of calling forth of Master in her head, she came.

She reported back in with Master. Uh, she took too long. Foreplay, a reluctant pussy, an disappearing clit, no ice cream, fatigue… she thought she’d done well to cum at all. No time frame had been given, but you know, He makes the rules, not tsg. Now she had to find a large metal or wooden spoon and spank her bad pussy 25 strokes. Then play and cum again. Faster.

Spank her pussy? A wooden spoon is easy enough to find in a cook’s kitchen, and tsg has whacked her pussy a couple times in the past, but to really spank it? Oh, there is a VAST difference between what tsg has done and what Master would do…(Cue Maso Girl)… and she’s very sure He is not campaigning for the gentler course. Maso Girl understands that tsg can not hit like Master, as hard or for as long as He can with any consistency. No doubt there will be wimpy little taps… and those just are not going to count. Maso Girl declares that only strokes that make tsg jump or cry out will count. she can tap away all she likes, but only the harder on target strokes will count and she’ll be taking forever… and she’s suppose to hurry up.

So tsg grabs the spoon, the purple toy, a towel, and heads for the bed. she lays down, spreads her legs, and gives a few test taps. Yeah, wimpy. Harder, girlfriend. Its harder to do than she even figured. And Master is waiting. She starts whacking away, counting only the ones that make her jump or cry out. There are ALOT that don’t count. she adjusts her position, opening herself further, tilting her hips so her mound is jutting out. Twenty five that freaking hurt later, she fumbles for the toy, plunges it into her wet pussy, and cums hard and wetly. Wanting more but knowing Master is waiting and watching the clock, she stumbles back to the computer and checks in.

Eight minutes it took, which is deemed not too bad considering. Master says she must get consistently under six minutes. And to blog all this. With a few special considerations:

tsg’s Enslavement/His Dominance: they go together too much to speak of separately. His dominance drew tsg to Him, freed her slave heart from suppression. Being slave means, in part, being available at all times for Master’s use, whether He is there or not, whether the odds of Him stopping by are favorable or not… whether she is in the mood or not, on her period or not, tired or not, wet or not. And since He enjoys seeing her cum, or even just hearing about it, it is her duty to Him to BE in the mood, to BE well rested, to BE ABLE to switch her mind off whatever else had her attention to focus on Him and whatever He might desire of her, to keep in her mind a stash of thoughts and memories and images that bring forth the heat, to keep also in her mind a collection of things she can do to herself to “make the magic happen”. she needs to be able to masturbate and cum for Master whenever He commands it, in obedience to Him. Commands must be followed quickly, without hesitation, whether it’s masturbating at home in private or taking her top off in the car in public. To do otherwise is disobedience.

As He is the source of her passion, a word or look from Him is often all it takes to increase her usual wetness. Physical contact is not required. It’s mental. And being mental, tsg should be able to call upon a memory of Him to help her out (Cum now, slave!) If she had taken even just a minute to put her mind in the right place, she probably could have done her task a lot faster. Really, her mind should live in that place… but since her life requires her brain in other ways, she should take a minute or two when she gets home, when she removes all that is vanilla and only that which is slave remains on her body, this is the time to take those moments to prepare her mind. A new ritual for her, to help her truly find that state of slave frenzy (that feeling that slaves sometimes fall into where we feel like our very souls are burning up in the need to serve and be used or useful).

tsg’s Feelings and Physical Reactions: At first she was a bit bemused that at any point in her life, someone would actually be telling her to go play with herself. she felt pleasure at being told what to do, just as she had felt pleasure at being checked up on the days before.

When the task proved difficult, she essentially panicked… it didn’t FEEL like panic, but the whole floundering around from one option to the next was the actions of panic. Before she did anything, she should have put her mind in the right space. Any time she has that feeling of not knowing what to do, she needs to put her mind in the right space. Over and over. Until she lives there.

    reflective intermission

And this is something thats been niggling at the back of her mind for a while. When she willingly surrendered herself to Master and became enslaved to Him, everything that was hers became His. she still finds herself now and then holding tight to a diminishing armful of boxes of her things, all labeled with their contents… except the boxes are empty now, maybe a few stale crumbs left behind. What He does with these things, whether He lets her use them as she did before or not, is entirely within His discretion. Still, she hangs on to the empties. The one labeled judgment seems most dear. And that is one of the boxes that surely He looked inside, shuddered, and tossed the contents in the trash. her judgement MAY have served her adequately for the most part as a vanilla girl, but it certainly let her down many times.

So, if her own judgement was crap, and has been determined non-salvageable, then what is she to do? Use Master’s judgement, of course. How can she determine what He would do when she couldn’t figure it out for her own self? Oddly enough, its much easier. For one, Master isn’t a push over. tsg kinda is. (“kinda” is admitting a lot) Master doesn’t automatically trust everyone. tsg kinda does. Master tends to see the bigger picture. tsg is too busy running through the forest chasing bunnies to see the trees. And maybe the most important, Master is not a submissive. tsg definitely is. Now, tsg does not see these things as BAD, but they are so very easy to be taken advantage of when not under firm, diligent protection. So all she really has to do, is think “What Would Master Do?” and go from there.

So…back to feelings and reactions…. her body didn’t really respond to much, until she whacked her rear with the hairbrush… and then again when she spanked her pussy… her bad pussy. Once again, she is NOT a level 4 maso lol but today she certainly acted like one. she would be very sad to turn into a level 4… but she is glad to know a trick or two that can help her out when she feels so uninterested.

And finally, Master left her with this admonition: Next time, remember to share what your soul had for lunch!!!!

What? tsg is sorry, but that still sounds like something that would come out of Douglas Adams’ mouth, or maybe the Mad Hatter’s. Or maybe Q, from Star Trek. What? What your soul had for lunch?


Darn it.

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