i want You

i want You. i want You for the incredible things You do to my body. Kisses i could live in. Touches that i long for. Looks that make me wet. Whispered words that… well, You know what You do to me. Our chemistry is more than amazing. You do not just fuel the fire, You make me explode. You do not just satisfy me, You exhaust me, leaving me spent and stunned and wishing I could endure more for You.

i want You. i want to spend hours listening to Your stories, Your thoughts, Your ideas. Your philosophy on life and love and living. i love how Your mind works and want to watch the ideas form behind Your eyes and in Your smile. Oh, how i love Your smile! i would do anything, anything to see it. And Your eyes, Your eyes make me rude. i stare at them, way past Your comfort level, but i can not look away. Your eyes are like gravity to my soul, i can not escape. i do not wish to escape.

i want You. i want You for the love and tenderness in which You hold my spirit. For the way You somehow always know whats going on inside me, even when You couldn’t possibly. For knowing how to make me better. For being willing to take the time to do it. Your leadership and direction, the authority You have over me. You do not just hold me captive, You free me. i am who i should be when i am with You.

i want You. i want to spend time with You. Watching tv, doing chores, shopping. Normal, every day things. Sitting quietly, holding hands, snuggling close. Things we haven’t done yet. Watching sun rises and sun sets. Walking along the beach. Fighting the waves, jumping the swells. Spending the night under the stars. Gazing into a fire. Road trips. Plane trips. Hiking trips. Normal, every day things.

i want You. i want You at home with nothing to do but just be together. Entertained by just listening to You breathe. Intoxicated by Your smell. Comforted by the beat of Your heart. i want to know every hair, memorize every inch of skin, kiss every scar. i want to take whatever may hurt You and sweep it away. i want to protect You, cherish You, adore You. i want to love You, and i want You to know it.

i want You. i want to wake up with You every morning, and fall asleep in Your arms every night. i want to share meals with You, i want to share life with You. i want to be Yours, in every way that there is. i want to share in Your happiness and in Your sorrows. i want to care for You when You are low, and revel in Your highs. i want us to fight the good fight. i want us to finish the long race together.

i want You.

i want You.

i want You.

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