Thank You note to Daddy

Thank You, Daddy.

Your babygirl came for You.

Your babygirl squirted for You.

Your babygirl made a big mess, just for You.

she had tried for a nap since she didn’t sleep well. But she couldn’t stop thinking about You.
About how sucking Your cock like a paci was just so incredible.
How wonderful You felt in her mouth, how good You tasted, how she loved sucking You so much she made it last as long as she could.
her tongue still remembers how You feel, Your shape, Your velvety hardness.
The ridge of Your head, the veins in Your shaft.
How sucking You with her tongue against the roof of her mouth feels different than sucking Your cock down her throat.
she remembers the contented little babygirl sounds she made, and the sounds You made, as well. she remembers thinking how perfect it was, drinking You in this way.
she daydreamed of crawling up between Your legs, them wrapping around her as she settled in, her head on Your hip, Your cock in her mouth, and going to sleep.

And that’s when Your babygirl wet the bed.

Your mewling contented lowly slave kitten,

wishing she was at Your feet, where she belongs

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