On Bi- and Poly-

On Bi- and Poly-

i identify myself as bisexual, though i fully expect that the following revelation will lead to a lot of people questioning my self-identification. You see, i’ve yet to have sex with a girl.

Bombshell? Perhaps not, i suppose that a lot of people would simply consider me ‘bi-curious’ rather than ‘bisexual’, but i’d disagree and here’s why: A straight virgin is still straight. It doesn’t matter that she’s never had sex with anyone. She’s still straight. Agreed?

You see, to my mind, sexuality is about who or what you are attracted to, not what sits between your legs.

i know i have the capacity to be attracted to girls, i have been before and i am now. i don’t need to prove that attraction by having sex before i am ready. i’m certainly not going to feel pressured into proving my bisexuality by heading out to the local cruise zone just to get myself laid.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m keen to explore bisexual relationships, but only with the right girl. i’m not going to jump into bed with the first girl i meet… Well… i might, but if i do, it’ll be because we share a deep emotional understanding, not because i’m desperate to pop my bi cherry.

i’m bisexual, i’m confident and comfortable with that label and i’m happy to claim it, because i know i find myself attracted to both Daddy and girls. That alone makes me bisexual. i reject the bi-curious label because that implies a degree of uncertainty on my part, and i’m not in the slightest bit uncertain about my feelings.

In this same light, Daddy and i are poly. We have not been blessed with a sister yet, but that makes us no less poly. We are not in the slightest bit uncertain about our feelings.

We are both just waiting for the right girl.

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