The 25 Rules for Slaves Of Castle W

The 25 Rules for Slaves

1. i worship my Master
2. i am filled with awe at the power of my Master
3. i worship my Master’s cock
4. i worship my Master’s ass
5. i worship my Master’s body
6. i worship my Master’s whip

7. i wear the collar of my Master with pride and honor
8. i am slave to my Master
9. i am a sexual and sensual being
10. i am whatever my Master chooses me to be
11. i love my Master and my sisters
12. i give all that i am to my Master
13. i am made free in my bondage to my Master

14. The needs of my Master always come first
15. i will serve, obey and please my Master
16. i will be proactive in serving my Master
17. i will be both specific and explicit in my speech
18. i will respect my Master in every way, always
19. my place is at my Master’s feet, for it is a privilege and honor to be His slave
20. my thoughts and choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my Master

21. i will learn and honor all rituals and protocols as directed by my Master
22. i will keep my body clean, healthy, shaved and fragrant at all times
23. i am always completely open and transparent to my Master
24. i crave pain and pleasure from my Master always
25. i will love my Master with all that i am and all that i will be, forever

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