grumpy, snarky, passive aggressive, complaining, irritating, not a happy camper vent and or rant

1. ive kept your cars gassed, bought groceries, gave you money when you stocked up on paper products including diapers, wipes, tampons, and pads, bought meals out numerous times, gave you over $400.00 to get your car fixed… and me offering to pay a third of the bills in a 5 person household isn’t enough?

2. ive washed so many loads of clothes i couldn’t begin to guess, i dried and folded and hung them, i sorted them as best i could between hers and his, big kid little kid, linens, bath towels, kitchen towels….gathered clothes from the bathrooms, the hall, the bedroom, the living room, the dinning room, and the kitchen…And since i cant make heads or tails out of your organization as far as dresser drawers goes, i left neat piles of clean clothes on your bed, which i made, for you to simply put away. And this you don’t like. You don’t like coming home to clean clothes on your bed because when bedtime comes, you’ve got to (whine) put them away just so you can get in the bed. Oh for freaks sake, grow up all ready! Do i really have to point out that by 9 you’ve had literally hours to put them away, taking less than five minutes of your precious video game time?

3. you say your electric bill is a hundred dollars more than last year? i have no issue paying my share. And hecks, just because theres no need to squabble, we wont count the kids electricity usage, lets just split it three ways. oh wait, that would only be 70 dollars. But its 100 higher. So, my fan, two lightbulbs, and hot water cost a hundred a month? Wow. Just curious, how much do you think YOU waste on the three or four lights i find on every morning after you leave? And the tv thats left on over night and all day and when you go out? How about the exhaust fan thats always on? A little air freshener would be cheaper than the electric usage and the conditioned air being blown out the roof. How about the dishes that you wash and then put through the dishwasher? Seriously?

4. want the house tidy when you get home? you do realize that the toys, half full soda cans, milky baby bottles, dirty diapers, clothes, mail, school books, purses, shoes, and food crumbs all over the place ARE NOT MINE? the dirty dishes, random groceries, food wrappers, and personal hygiene products on the kitchen counter? also not mine.

4.1. did you know that i cleaned up before i left for the day? and that the mess you came home to today was created by the members of your family that got home between me leaving and you getting home?

5. do you know that if you keep letting that child throw food on the carpet without cleaning it up, there are going to be MAGGOTS in your carpet. creepy gross nasty maggots. it will happen. oh, and btw, yelling at said child to stop throwing food, or to pick up the food, and then not following through, means the food is still on the carpet. getting ground in. decomposing, which is a nice way of saying ROTTING, just waiting for some fly eggs to be laid and hatch.

5.1. while we are talking about throwing, the main reason why this kid throws everything is because YOU throw everything! No? wanna tell me how the remote just got from one side of the room to the other? how about the diaper? you do it…i see it…the kid sees it….but you dont see it.

6. i understand getting annoyed that every time you need to do something for the baby, the toddler gets in the way. do you know that not once since ive been here have i seen you cuddle that toddler. Not. Once. Just because he is all of three doesn’t mean cuddles lose importance. Cuddles are a lifetime requirement. They are IM POR TANT. Just ask someone who grew up without them, how important they are.

6.1 i also havent seen you feed him dinner but a few rare times. gummy fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, sodas, chocolate rewards for using the potty, yes….but not even when you eat dinner do you fix him a plate. gosh wonder why he is grumpy and irritable in the evening? And then, to hear him plainly say “im hungry” and no one does anything? its darn hard to just sit back and be quiet.

7. i think generosity is a great quality, and should be exercised as often as possible. But your responsibilities come first. So when you gave $100.00 to your pal THE SAME DAY after i spent $400.00 on your car because you couldnt afford to fix it… i just don’t have words.

8. thank you to anyone who bothered to read this rant. getting it out helped!

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