Stop Thinking, Start Doing

tsg is certain she could please Master a lot more if she just went with her gut more often. Somehow, tsg has got it in her head that she needs to wait for Master to specifically mention something He would like her to do, instead of just doing something she thinks He would like.

Case in point: a while ago, Master had occasion to ask for a towel.  Now, there’s the first problem.  tsg knew there was cleaning up that needed doing, she should have just done it or asked if He wanted her to do it. Master should not have had to ask her.  Anyway, tsg ran to get the towel. she wondered for a moment if she should wet it with warm water.  Well, Master didn’t SAY to do that, so she didn’t.  What she could have done, and probably SHOULD have done, was take the idea and run with it.  A container of nice warm water. A towel or cloth for cleaning. A towel for drying. How about a drink for Him to enjoy while she cleaned?
Sigh.  tsg is learning.  Slowly, yes, but getting there.

tsg needs to trash all her past experiences with unappreciative people and embrace, fully, this Man that actually WANTS her to serve Him.

While Master is eating, tsg should think of herself, appropriately, as the waitress. Not the kind at Denny’s that checks up on you once in a while, but the formal server in the fancy restaurant that keeps your water glass full, places a napkin in your lap, gives you a finger bowl and warm towel, and anticipates your every need. tsg might or might not be eating, too, but it doesn’t matter. His needs are always first.  And second!
Once, all on her own at Master’s house, tsg wondered what she could do for Him before she had to leave and go home. tsg knew He would be very busy when He returned, so she decided to wash up His pile of dishes 🙂  It felt really good to do that for Him, to think that now He had one less thing to deal with when He returned. That feeling of “one would love to do this for Him” needs to be heeded!

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